Helpful Resources to Guide Your Intuitive Eating Journey

Intuitive Eating is an approach to eating that can help people move away from chronic dieting and towards food freedom using gentle nutrition concepts and self-care. If you’re new to Intuitive Eating and not sure where to start, this post is for you.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Intuitive Eating and non-diet resources (books, podcasts, social media accounts, etc). I hope this helps you shift towards food freedom with more ease and confidence.

Recommended Books

Favorite Non-Diet & Body Respect Podcasts

  • Maintenance Phase
  • Food Psych with Christy Harrison
  • The F*ck It Diet with Caroline Dooner
  • More Than A Body with Melissa Hala
  • Whole-Hearted Eating with Dana Monees & Cristina Hoyt
  • The Body Grievers Club
  • Motivation Made Easy

Supportive Instagram Accounts to Follow

Intuitive Eating Providers

  • @thenutritiontea
  • @full.soul.nutrition
  • @intuitively.eaten
  • @theantidietplan
  • @thehungryclementine

Body Acceptance/Body Respect

  • @tiffanyima
  • @bodyimagewithbri
  • @mandapaints
  • @dietitiananna
  • @bebody_positive

If I missed anyone you think should be on this list, be sure to let me know in the comments. I hope this helps you to get started!

Want to know more about Intuitive Eating? Check out my blog post, Introduction to Intuitive Eating.

Need more help getting started? I would love to help! I offer individual nutrition counseling and intuitive eating coaching. Sign up for a free 15-minute inquiry call here to see if it’s a good fit for you.