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You’re most likely here if you are frustrated with trying all of the diets, only for them not to work. No worries! I’ve been there, too. Together we can shift your priorities so that you can stop worrying about food, and enjoy the things you love most.

Nutrition should be easy and free of judgment, right? Yes! But I know firsthand it’s not always that simple. If you’re here, consider yourself part of a non-diet, judgement-free community that strives to prioritize each individual’s personal goals and needs.

My Approach

I approach health and nutrition from a non-diet, weight-neutral stance. I practice from a Health at Every Size (HAES) stance because I believe everyone should have food and body autonomy, without experiencing the stress of dieting.

When I work with others, I strive to honor each person’s individual needs and preferences while working towards their goals. I translate science-based information into simple terms and practical strategies to create a balanced and free relationship with food, and body respect.


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